Frequent constipation? MICROLAX® helps gently and quickly

Many people often have to struggle with the symptoms of constipation: flatulence, hard stools, pain during evacuation. These accompanying symptoms not only affect general well-being but also create frustration and can lead to the misuse of laxatives as well. MICROLAX® is the gentle way to solve your problem effectively and predictably.

Frequent constipation affects your well-being

Painful straining during bowel movements, an unpleasant feeling of incomplete bowel evacuation, flatulence, stomach ache and loss of appetite: these symptoms have a considerable negative effect on sufferers’ everyday lives. Feelings of shame, loss of control and helplessness take hold and many people are unwilling to venture out of the house with anxiety about unfamiliar toilets.

MICROLAX® Enema helps with a low risk of dependence

Distressed by frequent bouts of constipation, many people turn to laxatives. MICROLAX® Enema provides you with a gentle alternative. This micro-enema loosens the hardened stool in the rectum and brings about gentle evacuation within 30 minutes – with a low risk of bowel dependence.

MICROLAX® Oral Liquid is a gentle stool softener that contains paraffin liquid. It works by softening the faecal mass, to make it easier to pass. It contains no bowel stimulant and offers a gentle treatment for constipation. It is suitable for children from three years of age and adults with a pleasant tasting vanilla flavour.

When is frequent constipation dangerous?

Always keep a close watch on how your constipation develops. If your constipation persists and if the following accompanying symptoms emerge, you should always consult a doctor, who would be able to rule out serious illnesses.

  • Blood in the stool
  • Unplanned weight loss
  • Constipation alternating with diarrhoea
  • Cramp-like stomach pains

How the human digestive system works

MICROLAX® acts locally within 30 minutes

Symptoms of constipation

What are the causes of constipation?