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Constipation in children and babies

Constipation in children and babies can often be painful for them and for you as the parents as you suffer with them. But most parents try to find the gentlest remedy as possible for their little ones in order to have the least affect on the balance of their intestinal flora, which is still quite sensitive.

What causes constipation in children and babies?

Don’t worry: constipation in children and babies is not unusual and is often attributable to nothing more than insufficient fibre in their diet or not drinking enough fluids. It often just takes an interruption in the familiar daily routine to bring constipation on: travel, a change of diet (e.g. when starting to use supplementary foods) or switching from nappies to going to the toilet independently.

Constipation in children and babies: What should I pay particular attention to?

The smaller the child, the smaller their stools are, but the more often they need to evacuate – this can be even as much as five times a day in infants. It is the same with adults as with babies and children. Evacuation patterns are quite individual so be reassured that everything from 3 times a day to 3 times a week is quite normal. Constipation in children is generally not present until evacuation is less than three times a week. However, if this persists for more than a fortnight, you should consult your child’s doctor. Also, a very tense abdomen, severe abdominal cramping, blood in stool, weight loss, or even vomiting are warning signs to be taken seriously.

Gentle laxative action with MICROLAX® Enema

The right dose level of oral laxatives is difficult to judge and they may produce side effects, so they are treatments to avoid for your toddler or baby. MICROLAX® Enema mini-enemas are a good alternative and as easy to use as suppositories. The rounded tip is even narrower than a suppository, which makes insertion easy and gentle. Your child will hardly notice it. Within only 30 minutes, MICROLAX® Enema will take effect. MICROLAX® Enema is indicated for use even with children under 3 years old. Find out more here about the gentle mode of action of MICROLAX® Enema.

MICROLAX®: Tips for use with infants under 3 years of age

MICROLAX® Enema is easy to use and gentle when your infant is in the usual position for nappy changing.
You should only insert the tube neck halfway (see marking on tube neck). Gently squeeze out the entire contents of the tube into the rectum.
After squeezing in the solution, gently bring your baby’s legs together and press them on the changing pad to prevent the solution from leaking out.

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