MICROLAX® Enema: Mode of action

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    1 The Problem

    Hard and compact stools make extraction difficult and painful

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    2 Application

    The MICROLAX® Enema solution is inserted. A wetting agent ensures that the surface of the hard stool is softened

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    3 Transformation

    This creates optimum conditions for the active substance to act on the hardened stool releasing the water compounded in it. This makes the stool soft and flexible

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    4 Excretion

    MICROLAX® Enema acts locally in the rectum. It softens a hardened stool, increases its volume and creates the urge to evacuate, generally within 30 minutes after use.

    With the stool now softened, its volume increases and activates the receptors in the intestinal wall which give the signal for excretion. The result is normal, untroubled bowel evacuation

    Because of this, MICROLAX® Enema has no negative impact on the digestive tract and the natural intestinal flora.

MICROLAX® Enema acts where it is needed

This means there is no disruptive impact on the rest of the digestive tract and the risk of developing dependence is low.

How MICROLAX® Enema acts

MICROLAX® Enema delivers its effect on constipation fast (within 30 min) with a good level of control. The 5 ml micro-enema can be inserted gently into the rectum and its use is easy, hygienic and discreet. The active substances sodium citrate dihydrate, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate and sorbitol release the water compounded in the stool, and loosens it up. Predictable relief is obtained within 30 minutes.

The action of the gel-like contents of the micro-enema is local and physical, and has very minimal effect on intestinal activity, so there is a low impact on bowel activity, unlike other laxative remedies which may do so. There is a low risk for dependence.

Frequently Asked Questions

MICROLAX® is easy to use in just a few simple steps

MICROLAX® is easy to use in just a few simple steps