Evacuation with hard stools – with MICROLAX® Enema

Perhaps you have experienced the problem. You have a sudden stomach ache and a feeling of abdominal fullness and can’t “go” at all. Such an acutely difficult evacuation with hard stools generally doesn’t last long and is attributable to a change in the familiar pattern of life. Even so, constipation can be very unpleasant and painful. With MICROLAX® Enema, you can obtain relief, rapidly and easily.

Causes and consequences

In acute constipation, the underlying cause is often a sudden change in circumstances. Changes of diet, increased consumption of food known to induce constipation like chocolate or bananas, hormonal changes (for example, in pregnancy), travel, or immobility after an operation: all these circumstances can cause hard stools temporarily. Stomach-ache, abdominal bloating and painful evacuations is the consequence. This is why, when acute constipation strikes, people often turn to laxatives.

With MICROLAX® Enema, you can obtain rapid relief.

You don’t need to be plagued with constipation for long. Most laxatives don’t act until after 6 to 12 hours – and sometimes even 1 to 2 days - MICROLAX® Enema loosens hard stools gently and predictably within 30 minutes. The active ingredients in the micro-enema (sodium citrate, sorbitol solution, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate) act locally in the rectum and are not absorbed by the body. Evacuation is quite normal without abdominal cramping or diarrhoea.

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MICROLAX® acts locally within 30 minutes

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